Milking Stool

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  • Designer: Workaday Handmade
  • Provenance: North America, 21st Century
  • Expected Lifespan: Built to last for lifetimes to come with proper care
  • Designed and handmade in NYC
  • Dimensions:
    • Red, Blue, White - 14" Diam. x 18" H
    • Black - 14" Diam. x 19" H
  • Locally sourced clay from Pennsylvania
  • Forrest, the owner and principal designer of Workaday Handmade, aims to make one ceramic piece a day

What Have We Here ?

This playful and handmade ceramic work evokes the simple form of the milking stool used by dairy farmers throughout history. Forrest, the brains (and hands) behind Workaday Handmade, created this stool by stacking cups and bowls to form a structural design. ZZ Driggs is thrilled to feature the first work of furniture from Workaday Handmade, the beloved and highly praised Brooklyn ceramics studio, and we can’t wait to see what comes next.

How to Use It ?

Mix up any interior arrangement with this clever and bold stool. It’s a colorful companion that serves as a seat or side table in whatever room you choose, and its charming yet utilitarian design easily checks the boxes of both form and function.

Why It Matters ?

Sustainability can take shape in many forms, and one of our favorite examples is when utilitarian objects from early-era industries continue to be reappropriated with fresh use today. The Workaday Milking Stool is clearly inspired by its original use, keeping to the low height and three-legged design that kept milkmaids and milkmen from falling over on uneven fields or in cowsheds.