Frequently Asked Questions

All About ZZ

All About ZZ

Who is ZZ Driggs?

Established in 2014 in Brooklyn, New York, ZZ Driggs is the first online platform offering ethically-made furniture available for rent or purchase. We dismiss the idea that consciously-made furniture is only for the elite. Our meticulously selected assortment of contemporary and collectible works are accessible, inspiring, and, most importantly, follow a rigorous supply chain that imposes minimal negative impact to people and planet (learn more about our standards here).Simply put, we are on a mission to make design more democratic and deliberate. Learn more about us here.

This is so cool! Why haven’t I heard of you before?

Thank you, and we like to agree. ZZ was founded in 2014, and we first focused our efforts on serving enterprise clients within some of the most notable American interiors. We have recently expanded our offerings and capabilities in a significant way to service residential, business, and trade clientele. Just like our furniture, it takes time and deep consideration to build something with integrity and heart, and we’ve been doing just that over the last several years.

Interesting name to call your company. What does it mean?

ZZ Driggs is our own portmanteau — ZZ is short for Zamioculcas zamiifolia, or the amazing ZZ plant, and Driggs is the avenue our Creator, Whitney, lived on when she got her first apartment of her own in New York City. Whitney took the time necessary to create a beautiful space as soon as she moved in. Once the space was complete, she encountered that rare, visceral sensation of pride and dopamine delight one experiences when creating something beautiful. This was immediately followed by a desire to open her home and share her creation with others. And with that in mind, our aim at ZZ Driggs is to allow you to feel those sensations as well… and to accessibly, economically, and enjoyably create a space that you’re proud of and want to share with others too.

As for the ZZ, it’s native to eastern Africa and one of the oldest plants found on our planet. It is also one of the most effective houseplants at eradicating indoor volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and it excels at turning carbon dioxide into the oxygen we breathe. We love the ZZ plant because it is extremely adaptable to its environment and has survived thousands of years due to its ability to preserve water in harsh climates. 

Combined, the name ZZ Driggs speaks to our personal and ecological history and the importance of planting roots when creating a home, if even temporarily. We feel, quite simply, that meaningful conversations are the key to understanding and accepting each other, and there is no more powerful a platform for engaging in such than at home, in an inspiring and ethically-furnished space, no less. Also, small design secret from our end, we feel plants are the cheapest, easiest, and healthiest way to decorate an interior environment.

I only invest my money with sustainable, ecologically-conscious companies. How does ZZ measure up?

We built ZZ Driggs as a response to the influx of unethically-made and unsustainable furniture currently available on the market today (aka “fast furniture”). Our creator Whitney knows this industry firsthand from when she worked at an investment bank in NYC researching and learning about the companies that manufacture, distribute, and retail these very items. 

First and foremost, we believe that reintroducing antique and vintage goods into our homes is the most sustainable option available in furnishing an interior environment. These works have been serving us for decades, if not centuries, and if we take care of them, they will take care of us too (and hopefully even outlive us!). Beyond this, we also work with some of the top contemporary American artists and designers who share in our quest for more ethical means of living. Each designer we feature on ZZ Driggs undergoes a rigorous vetting process that you can explore here. We also continue to work with each of our designers after they join the ZZ family in order to collaboratively explore and engage in more cost-effective and ethical means of transacting & producing at scale. Whether it be sourcing alternative packing materials, or introducing relevant certification partners, we are always in pursuit of progress with a discerning eye toward taking care of people and planet.

ZZ Driggs, what does your concept Faceless Fabrication™ mean?

Simply put, ZZ Driggs does not support Faceless Fabrication™, or the manufacturing of goods where the people behind the production, the integrity of the materials and the intention behind the work itself — have been stripped away.

ZZ Driggs, what do your concepts Preventative Consumption™ and the Four W's™ mean?

When purchasing an object or product, whether it be with ZZ Driggs or with any other retailer, we highly encourage all consumers to reflect and inquire on the following before transacting (the Four W's™):

* Work — Will this item still work in 5 years?

* Want — Will I still want and use this item in 5 years?

* Would — Would someone else want or use this item in 5 years?

* Where — Where was this item made, and what do I know about its whereabouts, materials and makers?

ZZ Driggs, what does your concept The Capitalist Cleanse™ mean?

We believe that political economies, civil societies and businesses across all industries are experiencing a fundamental transformation where the people, systems, methods of monetization and impact are being examined, assessed and — most importantly — reprioritized for the good of the whole. The good of the whole — where economic and societal systems positively impact people and the planet — is fast becoming one of the leading motivators of purchasing decisions for customers worldwide. We believe this has a formative, positive and lasting impact on individuals, businesses, industries and entire ecosystems the world over.



Contemporary vs. collectible furniture, what's the difference?

At ZZ Driggs, we consider contemporary furniture to be furniture designed and built within the last 10 years. Collectible furniture is antique, vintage, rare, or otherwise hard-to-find works of design. Our collectible library of furniture primarily consists of items constructed in the early 20th, 19th, or 18th centuries and regarded as important or innovative works in the history of design.

Where do you find your furniture? 

We source our collectible works of furniture, which include antiques, vintage, rare, and hard-to-find pieces from all over the world! On every product page, you can find specific details about the journey of an item to its home at ZZ.

All of our contemporary designers are based in the United States. We share their individual stories here because we believe it's important for our customers to feel connected to what they are buying and knowledgeable about where an item is designed and constructed. Simply put, we don’t support Faceless Fabrication™, or the manufacturing of goods where the people behind the production, integrity of the materials, and the intention behind the piece have been stripped away.

If you want to know more about a specific work of furniture or designer, reach out to us at We are always happy to share what we know with you!

How do you choose what goes on your site?

Above all, we look for works of furniture that are constructed with the highest levels of sustainable practices. For us, vintage and antique furniture takes the cake because these are works that were constructed years ago, many before our time, and are still functional (and inspiring!) today. We also believe it is important to support the next generation of makers creating heirloom-quality furniture, which is why we also feature contemporary furniture.

Will my vintage and collectible furniture look brand new?

While we strive to ensure our collectible works arrive to you structurally sound and looking fresh, part of the joy with heirloom furniture is the visual story they tell, given their age and fortitude. This means that inherently some of the works we offer (like our chaise lounge from the 1750s!) will never look brand new or fresh from the factory floor, but will offer much inspiration and, in our opinion,  will undoubtedly be a positive and appreciated addition to your current interior environment. 

Please refer to our Cleaning and Restoration tab, to the left, in order to learn more about how we ensure each item arrives to you in the most pristine form possible.

I’m feeling crafty, can I make changes to the furniture I rent?

Sorry, we do not allow customers to modify, repair, or make changes to our rental furniture. If you feel inspired to make changes or modifications to the furniture, we encourage you to buy from us rather than rent, as we offer many furniture items for purchase on ZZ Driggs. Any furniture item you’ve purchased (rather than rented) from ZZ is yours to keep, so DIY away!

How do I care for my furniture?

If you are unsure how to care for a particular piece, or if you find yourself with an accidental stain, please reach out to us as soon as possible (especially if any item encounters damage) at and we will work through the mess together.

Cleaning & Restoration

Cleaning & Restoration

Are your fabrics friendly to kids, pets, and tipsy adults?

We offer a range of upholstered seating that is ideal for families and high traffic areas. Many of our contemporary items feature fabric that is designed to repel stains and remain easy to clean. We have partnered with a leading provider of natural and ecologically forward stain-resistant technologies based in California. Please note that our stain-resistant treatments do not use Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA).

How do you clean your upholstered items like sofas, chairs, textiles, etc.?

Immediately following a rental, all our upholstered items always undergo a professional cleaning from an industry-leading upholstery and fine fabric cleaning company. The same protocol applies to all our textiles and soft goods (including  rugs, pillows, etc.).

Lastly, before an item leaves our warehouse for a rental, it undergoes one final cleaning in order to ensure it is in as pristine condition as possible upon its arrival.

Can you tell me more about the restoration process?

Absolutely. At ZZ, we consider ourselves stewards of the furniture we feature, so it is of the greatest importance to maintain the integrity of these works in order to preserve their longevity. When we add new items to our inventory, we first assess their structural and aesthetic integrity for any restorative work they will require. Aesthetic issues requiring restoration range from unsightly and rampant discoloration, to major scuffs or scratches; whereas structural restoration require deeper evaluation and reinforcement.

We ensure that each piece (contemporary and collectible alike) goes through extensive restoration and receives loads of love before being made available online or entering your home or office. We have a wheelhouse of vetted expert restoration partners who offer a range of services from fine woodworking, metalworking, upholstery cleaning & maintenance, and more.

Do I need to clean my furniture after it’s delivered?

Not at all. We take absolutely every measure possible in order to professionally clean and restore our items before they leave our space and enter yours. All upholstered items and textiles are quarantined and cleaned immediately following a previous rental by our trusted (and organic!) upholstery cleaning and restoration partner, and they even undergo an additional cleaning immediately prior to your delivery.  For wood and metal items, pending the rigor of its initial or returned status, we clean items in-house by our trusted team or work with restoration partners whose expertise and skill allow the items to continue looking beautiful and rental-ready.

Rentals & Purchases

Rentals & Purchases

What’s the difference between rental and purchase?

ZZ provides flexible options to acquire and enjoy incredible furniture. We offer many products available for rent (“rent,” “rental,” “for rent”), meaning that ZZ retains ownership of the furniture at all times and is letting you borrow the furniture for an agreed-upon period of time (we call it a “rental term”) at specified monthly pricing. Rental furniture is currently available for the New York metropolitan area only (for now). We also offer many products available to purchase (“buy,” “purchase,” “for purchase”), meaning that you are buying (and become the new owner of) furniture ZZ is selling. Furniture for purchase from ZZ is available to customers across the contiguous United States. Please note that ZZ is not a rent-to-own business.

Do I need to sign a formal contract?

Upon checkout, you are required to electronically agree to our Terms & Conditions which detail all of our policies and procedures. We also provide a (non-comprehensive) summary of a handful of our key policies at checkout.  

What if an item is back-ordered?

If a piece you love is waitlisted or back-ordered, simply leave your email on our waitlist for that item and you will receive a notification when the item is back in stock. If there is a product you saw previously on and it is no longer visible on the site, please email us at and we’ll see what we can do.

I saw a piece I loved, but now it's gone! Where did it go? 

If you’re dreaming about a specific piece and can’t seem to find it on, reach out to us at and we will try our best to let you know as soon as it is available.

What are your rental term lengths?

ZZ Driggs offers a range of rental term lengths to choose from, with the option of selecting rental terms of 1 Month (this is also our “month to month” offering), 3 Months, 6 Months, 9 Months, or 12 Months. The rental term you choose is the length of time you are committing to paying for the furniture. (For the most part, the longer the rental term you commit to, the cheaper the monthly rental price will be.) You can always return any furniture you rent from ZZ before your rental term is over, but you are responsible for making all payments on the full rental term. If you don’t see a rental term that works for you, email us at While we can’t guarantee that we can meet every request, we will try our best to meet your needs. 

Is your rental furniture taken straight from someone else’s home and brought to mine?

No. Once a piece is picked up from a previous rental customer, it undergoes a rigorous quality control check and professional cleaning, and then returns to our inventory. Any piece that has damage is sent to one of our restoration partners who will carefully repair it without compromising its aesthetic and historical value. Rest assured, any item that is available on our website has gone through our strict quality control channels, so it is clean and ready to be enjoyed when it arrives to you.

Are there minimum order sizes for your furniture?

There are no minimums for rentals or purchases.

For rentals, we advertise one-month minimum rental terms, however you are always able to return your rental items before the month is over. Please note that we do not prorate our rental pricing should you return your items before your rental term is over. 

Shipping & Delivery

Shipping & Delivery

Where do you deliver and ship?

For our rental inventory, we currently deliver to the New York metropolitan area only (for now... more locations coming soon). For our purchasable items, we ship anywhere in the continental United States.

How does pricing work for shipping & delivery of rental furniture?

Delivery of your rental furniture is always free at ZZ. There is no extra charge for special delivery needs (like walk-ups or providing a COI to your building). However, if your elevator is broken and you live on the 5th floor or above, please let us know so we can properly prepare. 


How does pricing work for shipping & delivery of purchased furniture?

We ship most of our purchasable furniture through a common carrier like UPS or FedEx, but for some of our larger furniture items we ship via freight. The costs for shipping a specific item depends on size, weight, and distance, and  is charged as a one-time fee calculated at checkout.

Can I rent and buy furniture in a single order?

Yes! Once your order is complete, you will receive an email with an order summary that breaks down the furniture you’ve rented and the furniture you’ve purchased. You can also see all this at any time in your account on our website. Please note that purchased items generally have a longer lead time than rental items so you will most likely not receive all of your items at once.

I love my piece! Can I pay to keep it?

ZZ is not a rent-to-own business. The product you’re renting may be available on our website for purchase, but we consider our rental inventory and our purchasable inventory as two separate categories, and unfortunately we can’t sell you our rental inventory. With a few exceptions, all of our collectible furniture is available exclusively for rent, while our contemporary furniture is generally available for rent or purchase. If you really, really, really can’t stop thinking about a piece, tell us why at and we will see what we can do. 

What is delivery day like?

Delivery day at ZZ is unlike any other delivery you have experienced. Other than requiring you (or a trusted contact you inform us about) to be present with valid photo ID, we require no work on your end. Invite us in, and we will set up your new pieces exactly how you would like them. While we are there, feel free to ask us any questions you may have, or just sit back and hang out and let ZZ work her magic. We take care of any special needs ahead of time and give you a four-hour delivery window the day before so you know when we’re coming. On the day of, we will send you a text with a link to track the ZZ van as our Field Operations team makes their way to you!  We also include other special surprises on delivery day that we are confident you will enjoy.

Can you provide a COI (Certificate of Insurance)?

Yes, ZZ will take care of any special needs you may have for delivery, including providing a COI for your landlord or building. Upon completing your order, click on our ‘Special Delivery Requirements’ form and fill it out accordingly. Once it is received, our Customer Experience team will be in touch to confirm that we have everything we need. 

What if something doesn’t fit?

In preparation for delivery, it is crucial for you to measure your entryways, hallways, doors, stairwells, and tight turns within your home and building before you place an order, especially if you are concerned about the size or maneuverability of a larger piece of furniture. 

If a rental item doesn’t fit and cannot be physically delivered into your space, we will be unable to refund the first month of your rental term.  

Items for purchase marked “Final Sale,” “Ineligible for Return,” or “Made to Order” are not refundable or returnable even if they do not fit into your space. It is your responsibility to ensure the product's measurements will fit in your space. If you're concerned, reach out to us before placing your order. 

What if I can’t make my delivery?

Please make every effort to be present and available during your delivery day, or designate a trusted contact (18+ with a government-issued ID) to be present on your behalf (and let us know in advance who it is). You may request to change your delivery date up to three days in advance. If you need to change your delivery date after that, please reach out to us at and we will try our best to accommodate your needs. Because of the love and attention it requires to carefully prepare, pack, and deliver every order, ZZ will charge a $250 administrative fee in the case of a last-minute change (so within three days time). In the case of a failed delivery attempt, we will charge a $250 administrative fee and contact you to reschedule your delivery. If you miss too many delivery attempts or if we can’t reach you after multiple attempts, we will have to cancel your rental order altogether with additional charges incurred.  

What happens on pickup day?

We handle pickup day similarly to delivery. We take care of any special needs ahead of time and provide you with a four-hour pickup window the day before so you know when we’re coming. When our delivery team arrives, we will first engage in a quick inspection of the items. If any follow up is needed, we will be in touch soon after we receive the items back into our inventory.  

Do I need to tip?

No need! ZZ Driggs has a no-tipping policy. Instead, we offer our delivery crew fair wages and benefits. 

Is a signature required for delivery?  

Yes. Once we complete your delivery and installation, we will ask you to check your pieces to make sure they are in acceptable condition, and sign to confirm and accept the delivery. ZZ will also take photos of your rental furniture upon delivery for our records. 

Can someone else accept delivery on my behalf?

Yes. ZZ Driggs will allow a trusted contact (18+) to accept delivery with a valid government-issued photo ID. If you would like to have someone accept delivery for you, you will need to let us know using our delivery request form at least three days prior to delivery. 

Can I pay for expedited shipping?

At checkout, some purchasable items may have the option to pay for expedited shipping, and some may not. If you have a special delivery request, please let us know at and we will do everything we can to accommodate.

Can you remove my old furniture?


Our ZZ Driggs delivery team does not remove existing furniture. However we do ask that you try your best to sell or donate your furniture before throwing it away or tossing it on the curb. To find out where your sofa goes when you kick it to the curb, read the full investigation here.

Returns & Cancellations

Returns & Cancellations

I want to cancel a rental order. How does this work?

No-penalty cancellations are accepted within 24 hours of placing your rental order, and you will receive a full refund of all charges made back to your original payment method. After 24 hours of placing your order, but prior to three days of delivery, we will still accept a cancellation and refund you, minus a $250 administrative fee. If you request a cancellation within three days of delivery, we have already begun preparing your order, so this is treated as a return (see below). See our full return & cancellation policy here.

I want to cancel a purchase order. How does this work?

No-penalty cancellations are accepted within 24 hours of placing your purchase order, and you will receive a full refund of all charges made back to your original payment method. After 24 hours of placing your order, purchased items marked as “Final Sale” or “Ineligible for Return” are not eligible for cancellation, refunds, or returns. For all other purchased items, after 24 hours of placing your order but prior to the order departing the source location to be shipped to you, we will still accept a cancellation and refund you, minus a 10% restocking fee. If you request a cancellation after the order has departed the source location to be shipped to you, this is treated as a return (see below). Also, please see our full return & cancellation policy here.

What’s your return policy for rental items?

Returns of rental items are accepted within 48 hours of the time they were delivered. If you choose to return your rental within this timeframe, we will end your rental and void all future payments on your rental term, but we will not be able to refund the first month’s payment. After 48 hours of delivery, you are responsible for making all payments for the full rental term you agreed to at checkout. See our full return & cancellation policy here

What’s your return policy for purchased items?

If you would like to return one or more purchased items, please email us at with your name, order number, reason for the return, and any relevant photos. A return request must be initiated within one week of receiving your order, and the item(s) must be physically received within two weeks of ZZ’s approval of your return. Please note that item(s) must be received in the same condition in which the item(s) were sent to you in order to receive a refund. We cannot refund original delivery fees, and a 10% restocking fee plus return shipping fees (if any) will be subtracted from your final refund. Please note that any item(s) marked “Made to Order,” “Final Sale,” or “Ineligible for Return” are not eligible for return or refund. See our full return & cancellation policy here

Can I exchange an item I rented for a different item?

If you want to return one or more rental items within 48 hours of delivery, we can end your rental (see details and relevant charges in the questions above), and you are welcome to initiate a new rental order with different items. Beyond this, as your rental term is drawing to a close, you can always commence a new rental order with different items from ZZ, and we will make our best efforts to arrange for pickup of your old items and delivery of your new items on the same day. See our full return & cancellation policy here.

Can I exchange an item I purchased for a different item?

As long as the item(s) you would like to exchange were not marked “Made to Order”, “Final Sale”, or “Ineligible for Return” at time of checkout, you can initiate a return request within one week of receiving your order. Within two weeks of ZZ approving your return request, the item(s) must be physically received by ZZ or the item's supplier in the same condition in which the item(s) were sent to you in order to receive a refund (see details and relevant charges in the questions above). Once the items have been successfully returned, you are welcome to use your refund to purchase a new item(s) from ZZ. See our full return & cancellation policy here.



How do I make changes to my account information?

Simply navigate to the top right of our site to login and access your account. Once you are logged in, you can manage orders, billing, and preferences. If you’ve gotten lost along the way, our team is here to help at

Where can I find my order number?

When you log into your account, navigate to the Transactions tab, and select either Rentals or Purchases. Your order number will be the first number listed on the line with your order details. 

How do I make changes to my rental?

Log into your account and navigate to the Manage Orders, and select the order you would like to modify. There, you will be able to refresh, renew, or return all or part of your order.

When does my rental term officially start? 

Your rental term officially starts the day you receive the delivery. 

What happens at the end of my rental term?

A few weeks before your rental is over, ZZ will send you a reminder that your rental term is concluding and instructions with next steps. At least three days before your rental term is over, you can choose to either a) renew your rental and keep your items for an additional rental term length of your choosing, b) end your rental and schedule a pickup, or c) renew some items, end some items, or place a new order and rent different items from ZZ’s library of design. Please note that if no action is taken before three days of your rental end date, ZZ will automatically renew your rental for an additional month at the then-current 1 Month rental price.

I placed my order. What happens now?

Once you’ve placed your order you will receive a confirmation email summarizing your charges, the items ordered, and any relevant delivery details and/or lead times. If your purchase order contains a lead time, we will follow up with shipping details once the item has been fabricated and we know approximately when it will be delivered to you. For rental orders, expect to receive an email 3 days before your scheduled delivery, as well as an SMS text message the day of delivery day to keep you in the loop (please note standard text message rates do apply and to refer to your cellular provider for details).

I need to move my delivery or pickup date and/or time. How do I do that? 

If you need to change your delivery or pickup date, contact us at and be sure to let us know at least three days in advance. If you need a last minute change, please let us know as soon as you can and we will see what we can do. We charge a $250 administrative fee for delivery or pickup changes made less than three days before delivery or pickup is scheduled to occur. You will then be able to reschedule your delivery or pickup to occur no later than two weeks following.  

I’m moving before my rental term is over. What do I need to do? 

If you wish to move your rental item before your rental term is over, please reach out to us at to obtain written approval at least 30 days prior to your move date. It is crucial to remember that you are responsible for any loss or damage occurred during a move. We may also provide you with required specifications for packing and moving our items to ensure their safety. Please note that if you are moving outside of ZZ’s serviced ZIP codes, we reserve the right to terminate your rental. 

How old do you have to be to place an order? 

The minimum age to purchase items from is 13 years old. The minimum age to rent items from ZZ is 18 years old.

Payment & Billing

Payment & Billing

How and when will I be charged?

For rentals, your first month’s payment will be charged to your preferred payment method (credit or debit card) at the time you place your order. The day you receive your delivery is the first day of your rental term, and your monthly payments will be charged on that day every month thereafter during your term. For example, if you place a rental order on on January 1st, you will be charged for the first month’s rent on January 1st. If your furniture is delivered on January 10th, you will not be billed on January 10th, but instead on February 10th for your second month's rent, and so on for your full rental term.

Charges that begin on the 31st of the month will be charged on the 30th for months that have 30 days, and charges that begin on the 29th, 30th, or 31st of the month will be charged on the 28th for February.

For purchases, the full amount of the purchase plus shipping & delivery will be charged to your preferred payment method (credit or debit card) at the time you place your order.

Where can I update billing information?

Log into your account, and navigate to the Settings tab. There you will see Payment Information where you can update or change your billing and payment details. Please note you are responsible for updating and maintaining your billing info. If we are unable to successfully charge your preferred payment method for a rental payment within 14 days, ZZ Driggs will charge a $250 administrative fee every 14 days thereafter until payment is updated and we can successfully charge your card.  

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major US credit and debit cards. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept cash or checks.

Does ZZ charge tax on rentals and purchases?

ZZ collects sales tax for rentals and purchases delivered to our customers in New York State, Connecticut, and New Jersey. 

I’m tax exempt. How do I apply my resale certificate or an ID number?

If you would like to use a resale certificate for a purchase, please send a copy to with either your intended order or your order number and we will adjust accordingly.

Specialty Services

Specialty Services

Is ZZ Driggs a Showroom? 

ZZ does not currently maintain a publicly-accessible showroom. If you have a special request, or require additional information about a piece of furniture, please reach out to and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Does ZZ offer interior design services?

We currently offer concierge interior design services on a case-by-case basis to select clients as we are working to expand our offerings in this capacity. If you are shopping for a business, planning to outfit a large interior environment, or are otherwise interested in design services to complement an anticipated purchase or rental order from ZZ, please reach out to us at and tell us about your project. We would love to accommodate your needs if we’re able. 

Do you work with businesses, commercial, or enterprise clients?

We do! We have worked with a number of small, medium, and large commercial clients, and are happy to discuss your needs. If you are a business, commercial client, or enterprise organization interested in working with ZZ, reach out to You can also learn more about how ZZ works with businesses here.

What’s your trade program like? 

We are currently building a trade program to suit a range of designers and architects. If you are a member of the trade and interested in working with ZZ, please reach out to You can also learn more about how ZZ works with members of the trade here.



How do I get help?

To speak to a human, email us at or call us at (212) 729-1147. We are available Monday through Saturday, from 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM and will get back to you within one business day. 

I broke something I rented (sorry)! 

We understand things happen and expect a limited amount of reasonable wear and tear to our rental inventory. In addition we wholeheartedly believe that furniture is meant to be used and loved! We assess damage(s) on a case by case basis, so please contact us at immediately after any damage occurs and we will work through the issue together. Ultimately, you are responsible for any loss or significant damage to our furniture during your rental term, but there are methods to remediate certain types of damage that we can discuss with you. However, it is imperative that you let us know as soon as something happens so that we may best address the issue and mitigate the situation and potential cost as much as possible.

Can I protect myself or the furniture with insurance?

To best protect yourself and our furniture, we recommend that you include ZZ Driggs as an additional insured on your renter’s insurance, homeowner’s insurance, or business owner’s insurance policy. If you do name ZZ Driggs on your insurance policy, email providing the name and contact info of your insurance provider, your policy number, coverage limits, and any other pertinent details.



How is ZZ Driggs managing deliveries during COVID-19? 

Our Field Operations Team will be adjusting our delivery experience to eliminate all contact with clients during the delivery. As a ZZ customer, you have the choice between a curbside drop-off or contactless inside delivery of your furniture. In either scenario, our team will be wearing masks, gloves, and other relevant PPE. At the conclusion of your delivery, we will utilize the proper EPA-registered disinfectants in addition to our UV-C wands on the furniture and within the interior space.

Before your delivery, our Customer Experience Team will inquire of certain key details so that we may most safely prepare for the delivery ahead. Based on your reply, we will determine the appropriate moving protocol and take additional precautions as needed to protect everyone involved.

What is your cleaning protocol? 

In an abundance of caution, our Warehouse Operations Team will be adding additional cleaning procedures to our daily routine. We will be cleaning and disinfecting our common areas and van at the start and end of the day, in addition to continuing to utilize our quarantine room for all upholstered items and textiles.

Prior to wrapping your furniture and at the conclusion of your delivery, we will utilize the proper EPA-registered disinfectants in addition to our UV-C wands on the furniture and within the interior space. Furthermore, we will be laundering all our reusable furniture blankets after each delivery. 

What can I expect from your delivery team? 

At the start of each delivery day, our Field Operations Team is temperature checked and confirmed to be healthy.  They are also provided appropriate personal protective equipment for each delivery, including masks, gloves, shoe covers, sanitizer and other items when relevant. 

What If I’m not feeling well, or test positive for COVID-19 prior to the delivery?

If you or someone within your household has symptoms akin to the flu or COVID-19, ZZ will reschedule your delivery (or pickup) for a later date at no charge.

I still have more questions, who can I ask? 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at or call us at 212-729-1147. We are happy to help in any way we can!