The ZZ Manifesto

We are students of sustainability. We are only continuing to realize the impact of infeasible and fast furniture on planet and people, and we accept that we must act now. We hold a deep and continually expanding reverence for the makers and artists before us whom created such divine works and wares, many of which are centuries old, and still test to be true today. We feel a quiet exaltation to surround ourselves with utilitarian works of art that embrace us with their history, and silent love, and we are steeped in this humble brilliance. We hold our standards – one in which good design means it will alleviate man and woman's burdens for epochs to come – akin to every new designer, studio, and creator we work with. Yet we must make good design democratic, and available to all. The source of these creations, the very flora that envelops every one of us, are the materials we must graciously seek to construct with. We must protect and preserve, while doing our utmost to create and evolve, like all that is living and surrounds us each moment!

We acknowledge and accept that with the continued surprises that emerge from technology each day, and the ebb and flow of advancement that threatens people and planet, we must turn towards self creation and the product of artists, makers, and craftsmen. Without these individuals, our present societies and anthropologies would be dull, lifeless, and empty. Humans were born to create, whether through tactical means or within more abstract realms. We believe in the power of creation, both then and now, in the ability of one's mind to remain curious and seeking, and the simple yet undiluted and undulating joy that is found when we utilize the gift of our present body – our hands, our eyes, and most abundantly, our spirit. We honor the human truth that anyone, and everyone, can make something out of nothing.

We are ZZ Driggs.