Madda Round Ottoman

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  • Designer: Michael Felix
  • Provenance: North America, 21st Century
    • Designed and handcrafted in Los Angeles, CA
    • Warranty: Lifetime Warranty
      • All Michael Felix frames and springs include a lifetime warranty
      • Additional Warranty: For leather products a five-year warranty is available; for cushions a four-year warranty is available
    • Dimensions: 22" D x 17.5" H
    • GOLS Certified (Global Organic Latex Standard): GOLS is a globally recognized standard for products made out of organically grown natural rubber latex
    • Michael is a third-generation furniture designer, beginning his career as a sample-maker’s assistant in the furniture factory founded in 1959 by his grandfather
    • All metal bases are powder-coated using Tiger Drylac’s “Green Coating” — meeting membership criteria for the US Green Building Council
    • Materials:
      • Olive + Pink Checker: 77% Cotton 23% Polyester
      • Curiosities: 68% Cotton 32% Polyester
      • Inkblot: 47% Cotton 31% Nylon 22% Post consumer recycled polyester
      • Cornflower: 100% Cotton

    What Have We Here ?

    The Madda is a contemporary interpretation of the classic club chair and ottoman. Its metal base wraps around the plump cushion as if to squeeze the cushion full of support and comfort. This is an ottoman that invites you to kick back, and rewards you for doing so.

    How to Use It ?

    The Madda Ottoman checks the boxes of both form and function. It serves as a delightfully chic yet comfy cozy resting place for well-traveled feet at the end of the day. In addition, its supportive cushion can manage the likes of books, a tray, or whatever the need in order to serve as a multi-use seat and surface in your living room or elsewhere.


    Even better yet, the Madda Ottoman is one of those supremely handsome works of contemporary design that would look amazing in any environment, whether it be a bedroom, office, child’s room, or wherever! Create your dream interior with this stunning and character-filled work.

    Why It Matters ?

    Michael Felix knows furniture. He comes from a lineage of makers and upholsterers, and grew up visiting his family’s furniture factory on the regular. Given his industry knowledge, he recognizes the importance of both selecting materials with durability in mind and keeping his supply chain short by utilizing local producers & vendors.