Harper Shelf

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  • Designer: 57st. design
  • Provenance: North America, 21st Century
  • Expected Lifespan: Built to last 70+ years with proper care
  • Designed and constructed in Chicago, IL
  • Dimensions:
    • Small - 48" W x 11.25" D x 26.75" H
    • Medium - 48" W x 11.25" D x 39.5" H
    • Tall - 48" W x 11.25" D x 52.75" H
  • All products are comprised of solid hardwood walnut
  • Wood is a combination of FSC-Certified, repurposed or recycled
  • Low-to-no VOC paints and varnishes
  • No toxic outputs are created during the manufacturing of 57st. design’s products

What Have We Here ?

Light and linear, the Harper Shelf is a minimalist bookcase that offers serious functionality without being physically imposing. The beveled edges of its hardwood body keep the case looking lean yet refined, while hardly visible yet secure levelers at the base make the work appear as if it’s floating off the floor.

How to Use It ?

Display your favorite books, plants, and keepsakes in a frame that’s fit for almost any interior arrangement and complements almost all styles of furniture. The Harper Shelf will house your treasures within its solid embrace of hand-finished walnut wood.

Why It Matters ?

57st. design is deeply rooted in Chicago’s South Side. By hiring formerly incarcerated individuals, and through providing training and new, specialized skills in its manufacturing facility, 57st. design ensures that its profits enrich the community it calls home.

In addition, 57st. believes in functional, straightforward design in whatever work of furniture they construct. They use solid hardwoods and hand-rubbed finishes, not only because they look amazing, but because in turn they allow for furniture that can be easily repaired, and thus furniture that’s more likely to last.

This is what an impact-driven and sustainable business looks like.