Double Bucket Stool

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  • Designer: Yvonne Mouser
  • Provenance: North America, 21st Century
  • Expected Lifespan: Built to last for lifetimes to come with proper care
  • Designed in Oakland, CA and handmade in Pennsylvania by the Amish
  • Dimensions: 27" W x 14" D x 18" H
  • Hand made and hand sanded by the Amish, a revered group of makers known for their impeccable heirloom quality, craftsmanship, and durability who eschew modern conveniences (namely electricity) and use pneumatic tools powered by compressed air when needed
  • The works each feature a bent wood handle and natural finish containing low to no VOCs
  • The solid ash was sourced by the Amish in the eastern United States and is FSC-certified

    What Have We Here ?

    A traditional Amish community in Pennsylvania is responsible for milling and joining the soft-hued ash wood of this work of furniture. The design itself is from the mind of Yvonne Mouser who developed the first prototype over a decade ago for her sister’s wedding. This may seem like a simple piece, but each detail has been thoughtfully developed over many iterations to offer a final product that is both refined and reliable.

    How to Use It ?

    Where would this sturdy seat that doubles as a small coffee table fit in your living space? If you’re not sure, that’s just fine because this piece is ready to move at a moment’s notice. Although, we do ask that you move it gently and resist the urge to swing it around the room in a joyful interpretive dance.

    Why It Matters ?

    In creating the Double Bucket Stool, Yvonne Mouser was inspired by the purity of simple things and the desire to create a graduated (and more sustainable) version of the ubiquitous 5-gallon plastic bucket. This piece proudly embodies the character of the wood, the honesty of the work that brought it into being, and its heirloom-worthy construction in order to withstand the test of time.