Ceramic Pyramid Table Lamp

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  • Designer: In Common With
  • Provenance: North America, 21st Century
  • Expected Lifespan: Built to last for lifetimes to come with proper care
  • Designed and constructed in NYC
  • All rented lamps include an LED light bulb, provided at no cost from ZZ Driggs, offering an estimated 15,000 hours of light and efficient energy use
  • Dimensions: 12" W x 12" D x 17.5" H
  • Extra Fragile: Requires extra care and caution during use
  • Materials are locally-sourced as often as possible
  • In Common With keeps production in house once all materials arrive
  • Products utilize low-to-no VOC varnishes and powder coatings
  • All three ceramic lamps (Pyramid, Dome and Alien) have hand-pinched clay shades that are highly textured and unglazed

What Have We Here ?

The elegant and clean lines of the Ceramic Pyramid Table Lamp’s shade are hand-crafted by skilled artisans using a slip-cast process. High-quality steel bases and reliable lighting components make this a superbly functional piece with a deeply historical vibe.

How to Use It ?

This decorative, sculptural piece is a perfect companion to just about any table arrangement. Light up your office, living room, or bedside with the antique romance of this ceramic statement piece.

Why It Matters ?

In Common With proudly offers light fixtures that are built to last. Precision-machined components and high-quality materials prepare each of their works to stand the test of time. By working with talented craftspeople, In Common With supports a varied ecosystem and encourages creativity around the world.