Capirucho Side Table

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  • Designer: Labrica
  • Provenance: North America, 21st Century
  • Expected Lifespan: Built to last for lifetimes to come with proper care
  • Designed in Oakland Park, FL and constructed in Guatemala and the United States
  • Dimensions: 14.5" Diam. x 17.75" H
  • The facilities in Guatemala employ local carpenters and more women than almost any other production facility in the country, regardless of industry
  • Low-to-no VOC varnish
  • Conacaste wood is sourced from responsibly-managed local forests accredited by INAB (Guatemala’s National Institute of Forests)
  • Labrica employees gather every other year to plant trees and recognize the source of their livelihood and success

What Have We Here ?

The Capirucho Side Table is inspired by a popular yet simple toy that has delighted many generations of Guatemalan children. Many of Labrica’s employees are of Guatemalan origin, so this design is a product both of their heritage and hard work. The piece has a playful silhouette created by carefully turning local Conacaste wood.

How to Use It ?

This table will add a friendly, colorful element to whatever space it resides within. Place it beside your bed for daily use, let it house your indoor plants next to a sunny window, or bring it into your living room for extra seating.

Why It Matters ?

Labrica works closely with forestry partners and local authorities in order to responsibly harvest wood for their furniture. Every other year, employees travel to nearby forests to plant trees as a gesture of gratitude to the forests that sustain their livelihood.