ZZ Driggs is now a Public Benefit Corporation. Here's what that means.

by Whitney Frances Falk

Dear Friends,

I am thrilled to announce that ZZ Driggs Inc. is now officially a Public Benefit Corporation, embedding into the very core of our corporate governance a commitment to people & planet as paramount to our success as a company.

“WHEREAS, ZZ Driggs Inc. embraces sustainability, environmentalism, ethical manufacturing, and a commitment to honoring diversity as core tenets of the Company’s purpose.”

Public Benefit Corporations or “PBCs” are for-profit corporate entities currently authorized by 35 U.S. states and the District of Columbia. They differ from other corporate entities in a major way — PBCs must include in their charter a public benefit as their statement of purpose, legally embedding a mission greater than profit into their reason for existence. 

Yes, we are now legally committing ourselves to not only provide well-made products and exceptional services, but also build a company based on principles of environmental sustainability, social accountability, and inclusivity.

Yes, these principles are now legally incorporated into our corporation documents to ensure everyone in our organization is aware and understands their gravitas.

Yes, we are still a for-profit company, but with the pursuit and intention of creating stakeholder value, not just generating shareholder profit.

Yes, our Board must consider the best interests of all those materially affected by our company’s conduct, not just those who have invested. (Sometimes, these considerations come into conflict, making many of our internal decisions considerably more challenging — but all the more worthy.)

Yes, there are real ramifications if we steer away from our company’s ethical commitments and social responsibilities.

Yes, we are legally obligated to provide transparency into our company’s activities, so expect to see our inaugural ZZ Driggs Impact Report soon.

And no, this is not a marketing campaign nor are we waxing poetic. We have legally committed to work in service of people & planet, and we are actively fighting against greenwashing & the perils of a consumptive economy.

As always, thank you for supporting us. As stated in our Manifesto, we are “students of sustainability.” We are here to learn. We are here to build. We are here to do right not only by our products, but by the people who make them and the people who enjoy them.

Here's to the possibilities ahead,

Whitney Frances Falk
Founder & CEO
ZZ Driggs