At ZZ, we are all about solutions, not problems.

Perhaps you know Big Furniture — the big box retailers whose soulless furniture copies independent design, is way overpriced for what it is, breaks down in three years, off-gases its synthetic epidermis, hides low-quality fabrication with veneers, and can’t be recycled due to all the glues and resins. 

We could go on. But instead of Big Furniture, we offer...
tiny furniture!

Tiny furniture reminds us that what is handcrafted is to be treasured.

What creativity, quality and craftsmanship bring to the table can quite literally be passed down from generation to generation. Well-made furniture exudes timelessness because its raison d’être — to comfort and support people — is timeless in and of itself.

We are thrilled to offer you Episode I of our origami tiny furniture series, created in tandem with origami artist & savant Mark Bolitho as a means to make even a little merry during this surreality we’re all in.

Download Your Origami Furniture Here

Download the PDF, print it out, cut out the square and follow the folding instructions. We promise it's not too hard! You can even be creative and color the square before you fold it using water colors, colored pencils, crayons or whatever you wish. 

BONUS: Submit your most creative miniature scene that includes your tiny origami chair by the end of May and the winners will receive $250 cash and $250 to donate to their charity of choice.

To join the contest, simply take a photo of your scene and post it to Instagram.

Be sure to tag @ZZDriggs and use hashtags #tinyfurniture #onlyheirlooms to be eligible. Tag your pals too, so they can join in on the craftsmanship as well!

Enjoy and let us know how it goes!


P.S. If you don’t have a printer at home, email us and we’ll mail you a paper version (if you’re into that).

P.P.S. Big shout-out to Tessa on our team who created the tiny ZZ furniture we used to complement the origami chair in our photo shoot.

ZZ Origami