ZZ's Founder & CEO Whitney Frances Falk on The Cluey Podcast

Have you heard the news?

Recently, our Founder & CEO Whitney Frances Falk joined Maryclaire Manard, host of The Cluey Podcast, to discuss furniture and its impact on people and the planet.

Cluey is a digital platform that helps conscious consumers get "Cluey'd in" to the latest and greatest in ethical consumption. Through aggregating third-party data around the environmental and social impact of brands, Cluey provides consumers with reputable information to inform their purchasing decisions. Fun Fact: ZZ is proud to be one of their top rated brands!

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Our Favorite Topics & Takeaways:

The Inspiration Behind ZZ

“When you understand that furniture is the least-recycled household trash because of all the glues and resins that go into its production, something needs to change. We started ZZ to do exactly that.” – Whitney Frances Falk

The Link Between Fast Fashion & Fast Furniture

“This is what fast furniture and fast fashion have in common: their largest utilized material is polyester. Polyester is a long-chain polymer derived from petroleum — so you’re literally pressing your body against a fossil fuel.

The Shift in Furniture's Status Quo

“The average lifespan of most mass produced furniture is three to five years. We’ve moved so far away from how our parents and our grandparents used to purchase furniture — lifetime warranties were the status quo when you were making a big furniture investment in the past, but they are almost unheard of in today’s world of fast furniture.

The Largest Timber Consumer

“Ikea wants to hit these big sustainability goals, but they are still consuming over 1% of the world’s timber annually, and it’s still largely unregulated forests in Eastern Europe and Russia.

The Inspiration Behind ZZ

“At ZZ, we talk about the Four Fs of Sustainability: first it was fuel, then food, then fashion, and we really think furniture is next…I believe the furniture industry is going to correct its wrongs more quickly than fashion.

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