St. Augustine, FL

YIELD is an independent Florida-based design studio and manufacturer.

YIELD lives at the intersection of functionality and elegance, of high-end design and accessibility. Ranging from furniture to jewelry, YIELD's broad product line is designed by founders Rachel Gant and Andrew Deming. The line is unified through an uncompromising approach to craft, thoughtful production, and a design language that is at once distinctive, understated, and livable.

Rachel and Andrew established YIELD in San Francisco in 2012 where the two met at the California College of the Arts (CCA). YIELD is now based in the historic coastal town of Saint Augustine, FL, the oldest European settlement in the U.S., yet where a hyper-local work ethic are words they live by. Not only is the hardware for YIELD’s designs locally sourced, but many of the materials with which they construct are harvested only a few miles away. 

In addition, Rachel and Andrew employ a former aeronautical engineer to (literally) fabricate the nuts and bolts of their tables and other designs. So often a work of furniture doesn’t live a second life due to the smallest of details: the very screws holding the piece together, for example. "Fast furniture" is notorious for containing parts that, when disassembled, cannot fit together again due to the poor quality of the screws and the inept materials into which each screw fits. In order to avoid this issue from the get-go, a rocket scientist was called into action. As evident in YIELD’s seemingly understated works, thoughtful consideration has been given to all aspects of a product’s design: from its ease of use, to its longevity, and, of course, to its aesthetics.