In Common With

Brooklyn, NY

In Common With is a contemporary design studio creating thoughtful and functional lighting that is as sculptural as it is practical.

Nick Ozemba & Felicia Hung, the designers at the helm of In Common With, met as students and designed together by happenstance. Both were fascinated by the power of light to affect mood and energy on a level beyond other furniture, and so their partnership began.

In Common With creates durable, sculptural works of lighting that creatively unionize function, beauty, and the soulful warmth of pure light. In Common With seeks out specialized craftspeople to collaborate on new designs, thus sharing in ideas and constructive techniques across a wide range of disciplines. Their catalog includes ceramic, metal, and glass works that are all fabricated with material integrity in mind, resulting in product that is all at once arresting, yet durable and timeless. 

Inspired by found objects, the modular bases of many lamps designed by In Common With are precision-machined to ensure a reliable final product. In addition to the inherent sustainability built into all their works, In Common With sources materials locally as often as possible and keeps their supply chain lean.

Felicia and Nick's collaborations and work with In Common With are not only recognized in the design community, but were honored in Forbes' 30 Under 30 for 2019 in the Art & Design category.