Cisco Brothers

Los Angeles, CA

Since 1990, Cisco Brothers has reigned as both a pioneer and industry leader in sustainable and ethical furniture construction. Their work — which includes a lifetime warranty — speaks for itself.

We couldn’t be bigger fans of Cisco Brothers and the products they’ve built over the last 30+ years. Cisco is considered one of the pioneers of sustainable furniture, and they’ve held this honor since the early '90s, long before the furniture industry spoke of responsible sourcing & ethical manufacturing. Every upholstered work that Cisco makes is backed by a lifetime guarantee, which is an astoundingly rare offering in our present consumptive age. 

Year-after-year, Cisco is globally ranked #1 by the Sustainable Furnishings Council due to their rigorous and long-standing sourcing & construction techniques. Cisco utilizes FSC-certified or thoughtfully reclaimed wood for their hardwood frames, low-to-no VOC stains and finishes, non-toxic adhesive, and organic cotton & linen upholsteries in order to construct furniture fit for decades worth of use without worrisome synthetic or off-gassing materials.

Cisco’s works are emblematic and truly the par excellence example of craftsmanship & consideration for every detail of construction, and yet they still offer unrivaled comfort in a league of their own. Powerfully plush and sculpturally supportive, Cisco offers unparalleled furniture that’s comfortable for both mind and body.