Rasta Wool Pouf

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Dimensions: 29" Diam. x 15" H

Provenance: Brazil, 21st Century


What Have We Here ?

While it may look like a personified Dr. Suess character, it's really just a ball of handspun, merino wool. The wool dreadlocks we see in this exceptionally unique pouf are carefully layered together to form something marvelously comfy and altogether otherworldly. Italian designers work with Brazilian artisans to create this modern piece using traditional techniques.

How to Use It ?

Set this piece anywhere in an interior environment and, before long, people will gravitate towards it. Children might play with it. An artist might sketch it. A friend might bounce on top of it, laughing. The whimsical and inviting nature of this piece entices the child in all of us to behold its personality and character.

Why It Matters ?

It's cheaper to buy a machine-made pillow, but supporting the work of traditional masters of handcraft like this means enjoying uniquely beautiful objects with a history and a heart.