Iris Floor Mirror

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  • Provenance: Turkey, 21st Century
  • Dimensions: 23.5" W x 2.3" D x 63" H
  • Timeless Aesthetic: This item is ageless in aesthetic, avoiding obsolescence, limited use, or an otherwise shortened lifespan due to changing styles and trends

What Have We Here ?

The Iris mirror’s dreamy upholstered frame comes in several chic color combinations that add a touch of color to your chosen space. The arched shape adds a layer of intrigue and thoughtfulness, playfully mimicking a window into oneself or your space while creating a unique architectural element.

How to Use It ?

Thoughtfully designed at a size that fits multiple uses, this mirror can be easily hung using just a few screws. Alternatively, it looks spectacular simply leaning against a wall. Ideal for a bedroom, hallway or vanity, the piece transforms any space into a dramatic portal to playfulness. Please note: screws are not included.

Why It Matters ?

Sometimes we are fortunate enough to encounter works of design that, for good reason, walk the line between sculpture, art and furniture. This is one such piece. When a piece is as finely crafted and fabricated as this mirror is, it necessitates care and respect, thus allowing for a well-loved and long-lived life.