Authentic Thonet Model 214 Chair

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  • Designer: Michael Thonet
  • Provenance: Eastern Europe, 20th Century
  • Dimensions: 31" W x 16.5" D x 35" H (Seat Height: 18")

What Have We Here ?

When Michael Thonet started out as an independent cabinet maker in 1819, he was more interested in a stable income for his family than global fame. As the story goes, during the Exposition Universelle (or the fourth world's fair) held in Paris in 1867, this very design of Thonet’s fell from the Eiffel Tower 187 feet to the ground below and remarkably survived the fall completely intact. From that day on Thonet was known the world over and his chair still today is one of the most widely utilized and recognized bistro and cafe chairs in the world. Some even consider Thonet’s masterpiece the world’s most famous chair. After the designer’s death in 1871, his sons carried on their father’s work producing this chair and enshrining a legacy that still thrives today.

How to Use It ?

This is elevated design for the everyday. Created for the cafes of Vienna, this chair is remarkably light yet sturdy enough for all walks of cafe society.

Why It Matters ?

The beechwood frame, original cane seat, and graceful profile of this chair stand up to the test of aesthetics and thus time. Simple materials and a sturdy design make this chair, and so many other Thonet designs like it, a sustainable icon.