Supernova Angora Oushak

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  • Provenance: Turkey, 19-20th Century
  • Materiality: 100% Wool
  • Dimensions: 8' W x 10' L
  • Heirloom: Due to this item's handcrafted or reclaimed nature, there may be slight variations or imperfect qualities that give character to this one of a kind heirloom
  • Timeless Aesthetic: This item is ageless in aesthetic, avoiding obsolescence, limited use, or an otherwise shortened lifespan due to changing styles and trends

What Have We Here ?

Oushak rugs are aptly named for the region are woven in, the town of Oushak, which is just south of Istanbul. Oushak rugs are most notably revered for their subtle, pastel hues and floral motifs that hold up well amongst tastemakers of both antique and contemporary persuasions.

How to Use It ?

This unique piece can work in any room of your choosing, but we think the calming, soft color palette is the perfect counterpart to a bedroom, workspace, or living room.

Why It Matters ?

Thanks are due to the wise weavers who chose this sustainable, timeless technique so that we can preserve and, most importantly, enjoy this tapestry of both art and Iranian culture for decades, if not centuries, to follow.