Patrick Cain

Los Angeles, CA

Patrick Cain is a self-taught designer who runs a Los Angeles-based studio focused on imaginative and uniquely constructed furniture that lasts. 

Patrick Cain is something of a maverick in the world of contemporary design. He majored in journalism and spent his post-collegiate years bouncing around as a reporter. A difficult relationship spurred his creative instinct and he began finishing a piece of salvaged hardwood as a panacea to the taxing goings on in his life. A chance encounter with a friend led him to turn the wood into a table that then sold on craigslist and caught the attention of a prominent furniture blog. From there, his experimentation and creations spawned.

California’s renowned Rosebowl Flea Market welcomed Patrick and his unique work. His designs garnered a following, he pushed himself to create more, and by 2016 he had the confidence and capital to establish Patrick Cain Designs as a true studio in Downtown LA. Inspired by the unquestionable integrity of simple materials, Patrick first constructed using hardwoods, then expanded to upcycled metal, and now he produces with his own proprietary formula of lightweight concrete that utilizes post-consumer recycled materials, including even styrofoam.

Patrick describes that his lack of formal training keeps pretension out of the equation, leading to furniture that is simple, functional, and perhaps even a bit amusing.